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I work in a few very closely-coupled areas. These may be summarzied as: Bio/Med/Health, Computer Modeling/Simulation/Intelligence, and Theoretical Physics (with a focus on quantum biology and computing). These support each other and need each other for successful development and deployment in applications including those of a commercial nature. I have a strong lifelong motivation for accomplishing tangible, deliverable, and useful results that can be applied to everyday problems by everyday people and organizations. Thus far, everything has been very rewarding. Now I look to do even more, with the Right People and Teams.

[1] BioMedicine and Healthcare (Informatics & Instrumentation including Diagnostics & Emergency Situations).
For the focus upon this, and in three brief pages, my resume is here:

Martin's concise "BioMed+PublicHealth" Resume
Word version

[2] Intelligent Complex Systems (AI, SI, but to many, IT, IS, "Internet of Things", "Intelligent Cloud").
For the focus upon this, and in two brief pages, my resume is here:
Martin's concise "IoT" Resume
Word version

[3] Quantum Computing
(QComp, QC), and with it, ab initio, quantum biology and relativity as well - necessarily!.
This necessarily entails QPquantum physics, QGquantum gravity and QRquantum relativity for me now and during the course of my scientific career. Necessarily, this brings in aheavy dose of geometry and topology) - and also biology and molecular biology, because my approach and work in QC is based strongly on QBquantum biology, which is in turns based upon QR, ultimately (as I and a growing number of others in the field see things.

The basis for realizing effective, practical, reliable, and ultimately commercializable QC lies in the careful integration of several Applied Sciences and Engineering to the problems of QC and in particular a (bio)molecular-based architecture (a type of QBCquantum biocomputing. This brings in and requires, necessarily in my view, a strong and current background in conventional computing including parallel distributed grid architectures, artificial (synthetic) intelligence, and "cloud computing" (for which the work summarized in the brief resume above is very useful and pertinent)..

Martin's full Curriculum Vitae (w details, pubs, skillsets)
Word version
Emphasizing Theoretical Physics, Biophysics, Mathematics, and Applied Systems
including QCBME - quantum computing-biology-medicine-energy - and the long-term projects underway

Some of my recent work - embodying direct applications of everything in "QP, QR, QB and QC" [Q(uantum), P(hysics), R(elativity), B(iology), C(computing] pertains to projects like AMERGE: Medical-Energy-Security emergency infrastructure readiness, institutional continuity, social resilience, in preparation for and following a major EMP or similar catastrophic event.

This spans IT and cyber["a-b-c"], physics (not just theory!), engineering (energy and biomedical systems), senior project and management consulting, and domestic/national security.

Another application-oriented area of work underway is called PARDA - this is all about Projects for Asymmetric Research and Disruptive Advances, and it addresses how to use both QC and conventional, classical computing and intelligence to address certain major (and seemingly "intractable" in an existential manner of speaking) problems in our present world.

Here's a suggestion for a much better alternative to just reading words and clicking on links - Contact me and we can discuss all terms of mutually practical and beneficial engagement. Let's discuss what You need, want, and what can be our synergies and "symbiotics".

QC goes hand-in-hand with QR and both "explain" QB and open new and even unexpected doors...

I have other experience that is not listed in the above resumes, particularly in applied science and management within the biomedical and biotech domains, and in applications pertain to emergent critical processes within biomed, health, environmental and security areas.

Additional documentation is provided through the menu at left, but the best next step is really to go and contact me. Let's get some very good and exciting things done!

Contact Info

I put colleagues and post-docs and even some emeriti through their paces and they do the same to me.

Some of what inspires me to Keep On Truckin' & Harder Still. The Big Vision. Without it, what's Life?

The Key to real Innovation that really
works (not just rehashing "same-same").
But you need to keep one hand
always close to the "box", too!

What We All are Up Against, and what I believe "QC + Me and You" can do a great deal to solve.

What I have to say to myself every day and to you, too.

Some great ideas on quantum computing and solving our Big Challenges in Physics, Medicine, and Economics come to me while riding and hiking or just hanging out with eagles and hawks in cool places. Even better for Team-work!

I love work and for me it's fun; I also love to succeed and win. It comes with the maths & phys, I guess.

I like all-terrain anywhere-anyway - walk, run, ski, paddle, row, "make" your own trail- 'specially on two wheels.

Believe in this and practice it!

Look Deep and Far for Truth (ἀλήθεια) Brilliant insights in mathematics and physics did not first start in 19th century Europe.

Read "The Origin of the Work of Art" and discover that it has a lot to say about science and how we can perceive our worlds.

Gustav K really understood It

Just because, this is part of my Philosophy, and Passion is essential for Reason to work well and right.

Ditto - and yes, Spielberg did Say that this photo influenced his thinking in the choosing of the scene at left! Really!

This speaks to what some of us do throughout our lives. There is often a struggle within the Soul; discovery is often wrestling with old-thinking and preconceptions that can bind and fetter our quests.

I believe. Faith is much more than a belief. Combined with Hope, the only truly logical outcome of the equation = Love.

There is much more than books, equations, eloquent arguments, and especially, those mesmerizing and wondrous images on a screen. The spirit must be cultivated, nurtured, and fed.

Dürer understood. He really did.

There is incredible depth in this. My PhD advisor, a quantum physicist, wrote an incredibly insightful essay on this masterpiece.

Most definitely, Dürer understood. And, there is rumored to be a fourth work in this set, not only these three. Missing. A small personal project interest of mine. Want to help me find it?